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Historical Hotties

Feb 7, 2018

This February, Historical Hotties delves into stories of love, lust, loss, and romance all month long. This week, we are talking about the purveyors of love, those who facilitate the exchange of financial compensation for the act of physical love, otherwise known as Madams! It's a juicy one this week, with special guest Tristian Miller (@CharmedChancer) joining us to pit Julia Bulette against James Lipton (I KNOW) against Ada and Minna Eveleigh!

Show notes at

You can go to for information about Tristan's stand up, acting, and other endeavors! Follow him on Twitter @CharmedChancer on Instagram @tristanjmiller and you can sign up for a mailing list on is website! He co-founded the production company WayWord WordSmiths which focuses on light inclusive art that instigates positive social change. They have four podcasts currently available! Blank History Month, Amateur Detective Club, Elevator Pitch, and Positive and Negative. Go to for more info!