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Historical Hotties

Mar 13, 2019

Every night in our dreams we see you, we feel you. And that is how we know you deserve to be on this episode of Historical Hotties. Special guest and excellent person Jen (@neversawthatpod) of the podcast I Never Saw That joins us to pit singers Aretha Franklin against Selena against Lina Cavalieri. It's a hot one!


Mar 6, 2019

This week we pit the originators of the clap-back, the cream of the bon mot crop, the royalty of roasts against one another. WHO IS THE HOTTEST WIT? Oscar Wilde vs Dorothy Parker in a mental duel to the proverbial death. Show notes at

Feb 27, 2019

For our last week of February's romance-themed episodes, we bring out our heaviest hitters. We find out which Historical Hottie is the historically hottest by comparing some of history's biggest sex symbols. Eartha Kitt vs Hedy Lamarr vs Cleopatra in a race with a photo finish! Special guest host Matt Ryan...

Feb 20, 2019

It is a truth universally acknowledged that two sisters, in possession of some microphones, must be in want of of a historical romance author. We discuss the most dreamy writers of romantic prose in history, pitting Anaïs Nin against Jane Austen.

Show notes at

Feb 13, 2019

We're sweet on all of you listeners, so this week we are talking about candy makers and chocolatiers that have made history! We don't know what gets us higher, the sugar rush or these historical babes. Join us and special guest Colin Parker (@ColinMParker) of the Scavengers Network to discuss Pierre Draps vs Eliza...